Samsung pulling Windows RT devices due to lack of consumer interest


Samsung has been cautious with its Windows RT tablet, the ATIV Tab, since launch. For starters they didn’t even bother to bring it to the US, and now it appears they are having doubts about Europe too. A couple sources are reporting that Samsung will stop selling the ATIV Tab in Germany, and some other unspecified European countries. Retailers in the region have told Samsung that the RT devices have a low level of interest among consumers.

The ATIV Tab wouldn’t be the first Windows RT to not be very popular. Some reports have said that Microsoft’s own Surface tablet hasn’t been selling well. If the highly anticipated and much advertised Surface RT can’t sell well then what chance do others have? Windows RT was a nice idea, but it has been poorly executed by Microsoft. A low power and low cost OS has to actually be low cost in order to succeed. Microsoft is working on that too. Microsoft keeps trying to do things like back in the day when Windows was super popular. People nowadays expect more for less.

[via Engadget]

  • idlelimey

    Headline should read “Samsung pulling RT tablets due to them not being as desirable as Surface”

    Sounds a bit biased, but the reality is that if someone were in the market for an RT tab then you’d be hard pushed, assuming there were some choice, to find a better made product than Surface.

    Either MS cuts the license cost of RT dramatically (perhaps even give it away for 12 months) or they can expect very little hardware from OEMs. It would be nice if Microsoft took a punt on putting the license fees for RT and Windows Phone down to nothing for a while to stimulate a bigger market for the products.

    Then again, I won’t pretend to know anything about the business implications of such a move.

  • There hasn’t been much interest in any RT devices. Surface is far and away the favorite, but even that hasn’t sold very well.

  • idlelimey

    Maybe it’s in the marketing? Most people who take my Surface out for a spin really like it. It’s makes Metro work!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    RT devices just don’t make sense to me. I mean you can get a full Windows 8 tablet/computer for a bit more.