Tango VOIP app has no plans on supporting Windows Phone 8


Tango was one of the very first VOIP apps to be available for Windows Phone. For that alone they have a pretty big following among Windows Phone users, even though Skype is now widely available. Unfortunately Tango hasn’t been available for Windows Phone 8 users, and that might be the case for a long time.

The Tango team spoke on the subject of Windows Phone 8 in a recent interview. They were also asked about their plans for Windows 8. This is what they had to say:

“We’re currently watching the Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8 space very closely to see how it takes off before we commit to supporting it.”

We’ve heard this type of talk form many app developers. Instead of actively joining the platform and helping it grow they are waiting for other people to do the work. This is fine for a lot of developers, but one would expect more from one of the original apps to get a blessing from Microsoft. Owning Skype has clearly changed the relationship. Tango users might want to consider making the switch to something else, because this app doesn’t appear to be anywhere close.

[via TruTower]

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