Viber for Windows Phone to add VOIP support “real soon”


Earlier today we had some bad news about Tango, a VOIP app for Windows Phone. They currently have no plans to support Windows Phone 8. Where one VOIP app leaves off another one picks up. Viber is currently planning to add VOIP support to their Windows Phone app. Currently it can only be used to chat with friends via text while on other platforms it can make calls. When can we expect this feature?

On Twitter Viber says they don’t have a release date, but to “hang in there!” We’re optimists here, so we’re going to take that as meaning “soon.” When it does arrive you will be able to make free calls to other Viber users. Right now the only good option for VOIP on Windows Phone is Skype. Viber will be a good option, especially for those that already use the service. As you wait for the update you can go ahead and download it below.

UPDATE: As you can see below in the comments, a member of Viber Media has said that this update is coming “real soon.” That’s excellent news.


As you wait for the update you can go ahead and download it below.


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[via WPCentral]

  • Hi,

    I’m with Viber. Make that “real soon” :)


  • Edgar Cervantes

    I use Viber with Android pretty often actually. Many of my friends use it so I am kinda forced to, but I really like the app. Also great if you want to call people outside the US without paying those crazy international fees. Glad to see these features coming to the Windows Phone app!

  • Sweet Jesus.

  • TomProfan

    But when will there be a SIP client to connect to a enterprise pbx…. cisco, alcatel..still no sip client.

  • pinportal

    Ok Talmon, but WindowsPhone 7.5 and 7.8 will have ”voice support” too? Or only WindowsPhone 8?? Because I have a Samsung Omnia W with windows phone 7.8 ….. and would love Viber with voip support.