Hacking Windows RT Journal Part 2: The Apps


Last time we talked about how to jailbreak your Windows RT device, and what is involved in doing so (See Here). Today, we’re going to talk about what apps are currently available for you to access through your newly jailbroken device. Developers and Hackers have been hard at work bringing new apps and programs over to the platform using this tool, but as you’ll notice most of these programs are very developer-centric. There are some very useful ones for the average person available as well. You can even add the classic start menu, which I find rather amusing. Lately they have added some game emulators to run some older PC games like Red Alert (which got me really excited, it’s one of the best real time strategies of all time). Perhaps the most amusing is Mini Mac, which is an emulator for some rather old versions of the Mac OS. There are also some more useful tools like 7-Zip and some messaging tools.

Below is a small sampling of available applications which have received direct ports from x86 to ARM that you can immediately install on your jailbroken device. This is just like installing any regular .exe, just download the app and install it. Follow the XDA link below for download links and many more apps.

  • 7-Zip. Utility for file archives and disk images.
  • Notepad++. Powerful but simple text/code editor.
  • IP Messenger. Peer-to-peer chat/file transfer.
  • Unikey 3.6.
  • CrystalBoy. Nintendo Gameboy emulator.
  • ClassicStartMenu. Provides a hierarchical Start menu on the desktop taskbar.
  • Python 2.7.3. Programming/scripting language and runtime.
  • Quake 2. First-person shooter game.
  • DOSBox. DOS on x86 emulator.
  • Quake. The original.
  • Miranda IM. Multi-protocol chat/IM client.
  • Vim, GVim, etc. Code and text editor.
  • SumatraPDF. Document reader (PDFs, possibly some other formats).
  • Audacity. Digital audio recording and editing.
  • VirtuaWin. Virtual desktop utility.
  • Mini vMac. Emulator for very early Macintosh computers.
  • Rainmeter. Desktop customization/skinning tool.
  • ScummVM. Game platform for many older games.
  • Synergy. Use one mouse and keyboard across PCs (including Linux & Mac).
  • Keepass Portable. Password storage wallet.
  • Mouse Without Borders. Use one mouse across PCs (like Synergy).
  • IceChat. IRC client.
  • ImageGlass. Image viewing program.

Next time we’re going to talk about x86 emulation and how awesome it is to expand on these capabilities even further.

[XDA Forums]

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