New commercial shows off Skype integration

Skype-outlook just came out of beta a few weeks ago and Microsoft is amping up the marketing campaign to go with it. You’ve probably already seen a few Outlook commercials on TV. A new ad posted on YouTMost of the ads focus on showing off features like slideshows, photos, and social network integration, but a new ad is showing off something that isn’t available yet.

In the video above around 0:46 you can see a Skype call being initiated from inside of The chat pane had new options for video and call at the bottom, something we don’t have now. At the end of the video it says Skype is “coming soon.” This would be a very nice feature to have in Outlook. Currently you can make video calls in Gmail, which is Microsoft’s big competitor. Adding this functionality would be nice, assuming your friends use Skype.

Do you make video calls on a regular basis?

[via Neowin]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I do from time to time. I usually just do voice calls with it, though, which would still work! I mean, even with Skype supporting Outlook, do you think it will really be able to compete with Gmail at this point?