Nokia releases Glam Me, the perfect app for taking selfies


Nokia is all about the camera apps these days, and rightly so. The Lumia 920 has been proven time and again as the best smartphone camera on the market. Naturally Nokia wants to let users take full advantage of it. They are currently trying to get Instagram to join the party, but until then they have a new app that users will enjoy.

Glam Me is a simple self-portrait app that comes with a bevy of photo filters. Some of the filters include a magazine, magical, mint, poster, and elegant. They also have filters that can smooth out skin tone, whiten teeth, and even make your eyes look more open. Glam Me works with the built in camera app as a lens, so it is easily accessible if the mood to take a selfie suddenly strikes you. It’s a very simple app, but one that people should enjoy. It is available for free on Lumia devices.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Ok… so the edited girl looks kinda freaky. LOL. I think she went too nuts with the enhancements. I love using Snapseed to edit my photos. You can just adjust it without making it look unnatural. Is Snapseed available for Windows Phone yet?

  • Doesn’t Google own that? a.k.a. it will never come to Windows Phone.