Newegg for Windows Phone 8 receives a resolutionary update

newegg app

One of the best places to find electronics online is Newegg,com. it is a wonderland for computer geeks and tech heads alike. They have an official Windows Phone app that has always been pretty nice, but today it is getting even better. They have updated the app to take full advantage of Windows Phone 8, and even added a cool unique feature.


First and foremost you will find that it supports higher screen resolutions. Unfortunately that is the only WP8 feature you will find, but it means a lot for HTC 8X users. Version 1.4 also squashes some bugs and improves the overall app experience. In the last update they added a feature called “Time Machine.” It uses your account and shows a silly romantic slideshow of all your past purchases. Newegg is one of our favorite official apps and it is now better than ever. Download it below for free.
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