CalDAV and CardDAV support for Windows Phone expected to arrive by June 30th


Last time on the Exchange ActiveSync Saga: In December Google announced that they would be ending support for Exchange ActiveSync. This would break how Windows Phone users sync data with Google services like Calendar and contacts. Microsoft said the move caught them off guard, but in reality they knew about it for a long time and chose to ignore it. They reportedly begged Google to extend the cutoff deadline, and Google obliged. Microsoft said that they are working on bringing the new calDAV and cardDAV support to Windows Phone.

Microsoft didn’t say when we could expect CardDAV and CalDAV support to arrive in Windows Phone. A Microsoft productr manager has told that support will be added by the end of the first of half of 2013. if you’re unable to do some quick math that would put the dealine at June 30th. An interesting note is that Microsoft holds a Windows Phone Developer conference in June, which would be perfect timing for an announcement.. After Google ends support for EAS Windows Phone users will be left out to dry. It is imperative that Microsoft gets these new features added before that deadline at the end of July.

Of course, none of this is any worry to you if you use

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Are people really using Outlook as a daily driver?

  • I know a few readers here do, but as far as the general public probably not many.