GlassUp is a Google Glass competitor for Windows Phone


Google Glass is all the rage these days, and rightly so. It is a very futuristic device that works and exists right now. Specific details about what phones it can connect with are unclear, but we’d bet it doesn’t play nice with Windows Phone. Something that will is a project called GlassUp.

GlassUp is a pair of glasses with a head-up display. Google Glass has a tiny display in the corner of your vision, but GlassUp has a projector that displays info on the lens. The display is projected at 320×240 resolution, and can show things like Facebook, Twitter, and SMS. Other things like augmented reality will also be available in the future.

Two versions are currently being worked on, and they come in remarkably cheaper than Google Glass. €299 is the pre-order price with an expected ship date of September 2013. At launch they will be Android and iOS compatible, but as you can see pictured above it will eventually support Windows Phone. Google Glass looks like it can do a lot more, but this is an interesting competitor. Would you buy a pair?


[via WPCentral]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    299 Euros is still a lot of money for a pair of glasses. I am hoping these become much more affordable. I don’t want to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for an accessory, even if it is something this cool

  • Agreed. Google Glass is something that should be expensive, because it does some crazy shit. This is basically just Pebble Watch for your eyes.