WebApps for Windows Phone 8 update adds a bevy of new features


We covered a great new app called WebApps last month, and today it has received a very nice update. Pinning websites with IE is ugly, but WebApps cleans it up and makes the sites operate like real apps. Check out our hands-on video below to see WebApps in action. Version 1.2 of WebApps adds quite a few new features to the party.

The update adds a lot to the website view page. When viewing a website inside of the WebApps app there is now an application bar that can be brought up with Home, Refresh, Share, and Open in IE buttons. There is also a new settings page that allows you to choose your region, the color/transparency of the application bar, and whether or not you want to always open websites in IE. Another new feature is a single sign-on for leaving reviews in the WebApps “store”. To finish things up there are some UI tweaks and speed improvements as well.

If there is a website you enjoy that doesn’t have a Windows Phone app this is an app you should check out. It is available for free for only Windows Phone 8 devices.

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