Updates for Windows 8 and Surface RT add Flash in IE 10


It’s time for another round of Patch Tuesday updates! This week Microsoft has an especially nice update for Windows 8 and RT devices. If you’re on Windows 8 you’re looking at around 13 updates, and RT has around 14 depending on your configuration. The biggest news will be for RT users. Microsoft has finally enabled Flash to work on all websites in IE 10. Previously it was reserved for a few “white listed” websites, but not the playground is open. They say it’s due to more sites being IE compatible, but we’d bet user complaints played a role as well.

The other updates include some WiFi reliability improvements, resolving an issue with the volume buttons, improved typing experiences with the Touch and Type Cover on soft surfaces, and trackpad performance improvements. This is one of the best Patch Tuesday updates we have received so far. Several of these issues were bugging me, so I’m very happy to see them fixed. To get the update head to Settings>Windows Update, and then check for an update. If it’s available you will need to restart to install it. Happy updating!


  • Edgar Cervantes

    Nice stuff!

  • cj

    thanks for the great information. I am too very happy that now my kids can do some of their schooling on their Surface now that Flash is supported.