Nokia brings #2InstaWithLove to all Windows Phone devices


Last week Nokia released an app called #2InstaWithLove to show Instagram just how much Windows Phone users want an Instagram app. The only problem was that all Windows Phone users were not able to use the app, only Lumia owners. They represent a large portion of the Windows Phone crowd, but not all of us use Nokia phones. Many people pleaded Nokia to let all Windows Phone users use the app and strengthen the message to Instagram.

Today Nokia has wisely made that possible. Now all Windows Phone devices, including Windows Phone 7, can download the app and help spread the message to Instagram. The app is simple: you just take a pic, crop it, and the app adds a filter and the message “#2InstaWithLove.” From there you can share it on your social networks to get the word out. It’s a fun way to show your support and maybe, just maybe, play a little role in getting Instagram on Windows Phone. Download it below on any phone!

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Thanks for the tips!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Instagram is nice and all, but I don’t think you are missing out on much. I mean, come on, can’t they see how important Windows Phone is becoming? But I mean, look how long it took for them to bring it to Android. They don’t trust easily. lol

  • We all know Instagram is not worth a damn in reality. The problem is that there are thousands of “food-shooters” who won’t take the Windows Phone platform seriously over, literally, one single app. Same problem, but not nearly to the same degree, with Pandora, maybe Snapchat, and others.
    It isn’t just the fact that one brand-name app isn’t there, as the biggest issue is the social networking that makes Instagram such a big deal, as I have heard from users.

  • There is also thousand of tattoo artists,clothing designers and porn stars that will not take WPOS seriously because of the lack of instagram.

  • lawrence mcatee

    Doesn’t work on my asus vivotab waaaaahhH!!!!!

  • lawrence mcatee

    I hate it when porn stars won’t take me seriously…

  • G.C

    Just make a new app! think outside the box, Create the next big thing!