Nokia introduces the Lumia 620 protective shell


Nokia takes a lot of pride in making their phones durable, but sometimes they need a little extra help. That is the case with the Lumia 620. Right now it’s a typical smartphone with decent durability, but with a new case from Nokia it can withstand much more mayhem. Enter the Lumia 620 protective shell.

The Lumia 620 protective shell replaces the existing back cover and upgrades the phone to P54 certification. What the heck does that mean? It means that the 620 is now certified to have better protection against dust and even water. This is the benefit of having a phone with a removable cover. Normally you would put a case over a phone, but this allows Nokia to build it right into the phone itself and keep the overall look of the phone. The shell is made of a poly-carbonate interior and a rubbery exterior. It’s the perfect upgrade for those with active lives or klutzy hands. It will be available in grey with yellow details for 25 EUR at the end of the month.

[via Nokia]


  • Edgar Cervantes

    Wow… That is nice! It replaces the back cover? I guess it’s kinda like the Note 2’s cover, except this one actually protects the phone!