Runtastic for Windows Phone recieves a feature-packed update


If you’re a frequent runner, or active person i general, you’ve probably heard of Runtastic. It’s a great app for tracking many activities, and it is available on all platforms which makes it great with friends. Today Runtastic has received a fantastic update with a laundry list of new features, including some for Windows Phone 8 users.

Runtastic now allows you to flag routes on the web and sync them to your phone. You can also share routes via NFC to other phones. Having trouble finding your route? Runtastic will navigate you to the start point of your route. For Windows Phone 8 users there is a new wide live tile with monthly statistics, and the overall speed of the app has been improved. The round things off they also added new icons for sports, and added Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese languages.

There are several good options on Windows Phone for fitness apps, but Runtastic is one of the best. There is a free version and a pro version for $4.99 in the Windows Phone Store. If you’re into fitness tracking run, don’t walk, to the Store and download them today!

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