Galactic Reign arrives for Windows 8 and Windows Phone with cross-platform goodness

galactic reign

Microsoft has an ecosystem of Windows devices of all shapes and sizes. From phone to crazy hybrid laptops and tablets, Windows is everywhere. However Microsoft rarely uses this to full potential. Cross-platform gaming is something Microsoft has only just started to use. Skulls of the Shogun is the only game that can be paused on one Windows device and picked up on another. Until today.

Galactic Reign is a new cross-platform game for the Windows ecosystem. it is a turn based strategy game set in space. Your goal is to build ships and fleets, take over planets, and rule the galaxy. The graphics and gameplay look stunning, especially for sci-fi fans. Like Skulls of the Shogun Galactic Reign can be paused on one device and then started up again on a different device. it also has Xbox achievements and leaderboards.

g reign

With cross-platform games like this it makes sense that you should only have to buy a game once for all your devices. With most cross-platform apps, like Angry Birds Star Wars, you have to buy it on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Galactic Reign is thankfully not like that. Buy it once for $4.99 and you have it on all platforms. Galactic Reign is available for Windows Phone 7 & 8, Windows 8 & RT.


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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well…. more importantly, can it save across platforms? Having an app/game across platforms is important, but for games it is much more important that they stay synced. Cloud saving.