Netflix for Windows 8/RT update adds continuous playback for TV shows

Netflix update

The Netflix app for Windows 8/RT recieves steady updates, but most of the time it’s just small little bug fixes. If they do add anything major to the app it’s impossible to know since they always say the same thing: “In this update, we added features and fixed bugs.” Luckily for you I am an avid Netflix watcher and I discovered a nice little feature that was added in the most recent update.

One thing I love to do with Netflix is marathon my way through TV shows. This is a common practice among Netflix subscribers. You can go from never even hearing of a show to having seen every episode in a weekend. On the web there is a handy little feature that automatically plays the next episode for you, making the marathoning even easier. Netflix has brought that feature to the Windows 8/RT app in the latest update. It may seem like a small thing, but it counts when you’re deep into the 8th season of a Frasier marathon. Trust me.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    You are right. I always use that feature and never even realize it, So helpful!