Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 test photo leaks, shows off a nice camera

928 test photo

The Nokia Lumia 928 has been a hot topic lately, and today we have even more news. This news comes from the infamous Twitter leaker @evleaks. They got their hands on a photo taken with the Lumia 928 which gives us an idea about the camera quality. The photo was posted on Picasa, but has since been pulled.

The photo seems to have been taken in a well lit area, and the quality looks impressive. The “eye test” will do for most people, but if you really want to get into the gritty details MyNokiaBlog has snagged the exif data. There we can see no flash was used, it has a f2.0 aperture, and is a resolution of 1278×720. Previous reports claim the camera is a 8MP PureView. The 928 is also rumored to have anĀ aluminum body, look similar to the Lumia 720, and be headed for Verizon in April.

Does this photo look good enough for you?


  • Edgar Cervantes

    It’s not bad, but I have seen better from smartphones. I wish we could have other tests, something with a wider range of focus. This image is focused in an area of the glass which really can’t tell you just how crisp the focused area is.