Despite Google Reader shutdown, Nextgen Reader will continue to work


Last night Google dropped a bombshell on the world. They announced that they will be shutting down Reader on July 1st because it is  not popular enough to justify keeping. That is a debatable claim considering that last night “Google Reader” quickly became the top trending topic on Twitter on a day that a new Pope was announced. Regardless, Google has made their decision and will most likely stick to it unless something crazy happens.

What does this mean for Windows Phone?

Any app that uses Google Reader to sync RSS feeds will stop working unless they update the app and use a different service. One of our favorite, and probably the best, RSS reader apps has already addressed the issue. Next Matters, creators of Nextgen Reader, wrote a blog post this morning about the future of the app. They write that Nextgen Reader will continue to work perfectly after the July 1st deadline. They are currently looking at a few alternatives including Newsblur, Feedly, and hosting their own service. We love to see developers who quickly respond to user concern. One of the first things I thought about when I heard the news was “what happens to all my reader apps?” It’s nice to know at least one will keep working.

[via Next Matters]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is nice…. I am still kind of in denial, though. I can’t believe this! Everyone uses Google Reader.