Do you use a Google Reader app?

g readers

In case you haven’t heard, Google is shutting down Reader on July 1st. This will affect any Windows Phone (or Windows 8) app that has Google Reader integration. A few apps have already announced what they will do for the post-Reader era, but there are likely some apps that will be lost by wayside.

That brings up today’s question: do you use a Google Reader app? There are plenty good ones to choose from in the Windows Phone Store. Nextgen Reader, Wonder Reader, Flux, Newspot, and Fuse round out some of the more popular choices. My personal favorite is Nextgen Reader, what about yours? Do you even use Google Reader?

Let us know!

  • Yes I do :/ I use multiple on different platforms..

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I use Google Reader everyday, as you probably already know. I am pretty upset to see it go away. I just can’t believe they are shutting it down due to lack of users. I feel like everybody I know is using Google Reader!