Microsoft resumes Windows Phone 7.8 update with bug fixes


There has been a lot of drama surrounding the Windows Phone 7.8 update. When it was released there were bugs all around, including the precious live tiles. Microsoft decided to hold off on the update until they could get the problems solved. Some Windows Phone users over in Denmark have reported the update has started rolling out again, and it includes some bug fixes.


Windows Phone build 7.10.8860.142 is the new update. This is slightly different than the original 7.8 update. The users that reported getting the update were already running Windows Phone 7.8. It’s unclear if he update solved the live tile issues, but we will keep our eyes open. Has anyone else seen this update? Let us know in the comments below.

[via WMPU

  • i too got an update i am useing samsung omnia w n is updated to 7.10.8860.142

  • SijKof

    After having tricked the Zune update process and having ran the 7.8 version, Zune today patched my HTC 7 Trophy genuinly to 7.10.8862.144 in 2 steps. :D

  • JSYOUNG571

    Here it is almost April 2013, and there has been no update at all for the AT&T HTC Titan. Everyone is still stuck on 7720. I guess at this point, AT&T has no plans to ever update this flagship phone.

  • I have a lumina 900 and still no update yet Leave it to Microsoft and att to hand out gobs of bs as to why. why even announce an update in January when they cant deliver in april as of yet

  • jagz

    How to do it man ??
    Please tell me the process..

  • Daniel

    There has been an outcry from users mostly in Africa which microsoft has failed to address since the release of WP7.5 going to WP7.8. the Issue of USSD, why has microsoft ignored providing a fix to this.