Trivial Pursuit comes to Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices

triva pursuit

Get your thinking caps on, it’s time for Trivial Pursuit! Everybody’s favorite trivia game is finally making the jump tot Windows Phone 8. Trivial Pursuit was previously only available for Windows Phone 7 Nokia devices, but now it is available for WP8 Nokia devices as well (sorry everyone else).

There are two game modes for Trivial Pursuit: Pursuit (obviously) and Classic. You can track game stats by creating a profile, and since it’s an Xbox title you can earn achievements too. With Pass ‘n Play you can play local games, which is perfect for parties (but you might want to invest in the board game). If you have a Nokia phone you can grab Trivial Pursuit for $2.99 below. Just remember, it’s Moores not Moops.

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