Tile Path for Windows Phone goes free for the weekend


Developers must be in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, because we have another app that is going on sale until Sunday. Tile Path, a game that usually costs $1.99, will be free until Sunday March 17th. If you like puzzle games Tile Path will be right up your alley. It has a little Tetris-like feel to it, but it’s really nothing like Tetris other than being a puzzle game involving blocks.

The goal of the game is to create a path with tiles (thanks Mr. Obvious). The path must connect blocks of the same color. To start you will be given a board with a couple of different color blocks. It’s very similar to a game we reviewed a long time ago called “Flow.” In Flow you just drag your finger too create lines between colored dots, but in Tile Path you have to use pieces of path that the game gives you. it can be very challenging and difficult, but extremely fun and addictive. If this sounds like anything you might like hit up the link below to download it for free this weekend.

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