AT&T cuts price of the HTC 8X to just $49


Back when the HTC 8X was launched on AT&T we wondered how it would compete with the cheaper Lumia 920. After we got our hands on it we realized it may be worth the price, but that still didn’t help against the awesome Lumia 920. AT&T soon thereafter cut the price of both devices in half. AT&T is once again cutting the price of the 8X.

On AT&T’s website you can now get the 8GB model of the 8X for just $49. The 16GB model is available for $99. Both prices require new two-year contract. This puts the 8X more in line with the pricing of the Lumia 920. We were worried that te 8X wouldn’t sell so hot next to the cheaper Lumia 920, and this could be an indicator that AT&T is trying to sell more of them.

If you’d like to get the 8X on AT&T for even cheaper you can snag it at Amazon for only $19 for the 8GB version.


Thanks Jay!

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