MeTweets 2.0 is incoming, here’s what to expect

MeTweets 2 screens

Windows Phone has been blessed with a wide slecetion of quality Twitter apps. One of those apps is MeTweets. The developer has a big update on the way, version 2.0. It is due sometime next week, but they have released some information on what to expect.

Version 2.0 adds a lot of things that no Twitter app in the Windows Phone Store can offer. First on the list in-app YouTube video playback. Now you don’t even have to leave the app to watch a video. Also on the “in-app” train is Readability support. SkyDrive images can be viewed inline, which will be particularly useful if you have follow a lot of Windows Phone users. Another new feature is something they call “Smart Split.” Now tweets over 140 characters will automatically be cut into several tweets. Rounding out the top new features is support for Windows Phone 8 voice commands.Version 2.0 of MeTweets is expected to arrive sometime next week. In the meantime check out the full list of new features below.

  • Smart Split/Smart Merge – MeTweets will now automatically split your tweet into multiple messages if you exceed the 140 character limit (likewise, it will recombine them too)
  • Windows Phone 8 – Voice commands and tweet dictation supported
  • In-app YouTube video playback
  • In-app Readability support
  • New design for Timelines
  • New design for profile pages
  • Indicator for unread tweets
  • SkyDrive inline images
  • Pull to refresh gesture for easier use
  • MeTweets will now automatically filter the spam out of your mentions (Mentions that contain only a link, coming from a user you don’t follow, will be hidden)
  • Search for Images on Twitter
  • Windows Phone app links will now automatically open in the Store (and not IE)
  • In-app toast notifications

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