Get ready to see Windows Phone a lot during March Madness


If you’ve ever been wondering “why doesn’t Microsoft show the ‘Windows Phone challenge’ video on TV?” you will be happy to hear the following news. Microsoft will be running a new spot that features the Lumia 920’s PureView camera during this week’s NCAA Tournament games on CBS and ESPN. The video can be seen below if you don’t want to wait and see it on TV.

In the spot the Lumia 920’s low light performance is put up against the Samsung Galaxy S III. As you might expect the Lumia 920 wins easily. Ben Rudolph is once again at the helm for this ad. We like the Windows Phone Challenge videos a lot more than the usual ads Microsoft runs for Windows Phone. We expect to see a lot of Microsoft advertising during March Madness. Do you like this ad?

[via Windows Blog]

  • The GS3 is almost a year old put it up against HTC One and see what happens WP underpowered lack of APPS they should just go away Android and Apple own the market nice try MS.What happens ten min later when she cant find any of her favorite apps throws WP goes screaming back to the GS3

  • WinSource

    It’s still a fair comparison because the GS3 is the most popular Android phone right now. It would be hard to find someone on the street with a HTC One.

  • The thing is, you and I know that the One and the Galaxy S4 are on the way. The typical comsumer doesn’t. That’s why this ad is perfectly legitimate; it pits a phone well-known in the United States against the product they’re trying to sell.

  • Mordecai

    You guys just copy from other blogs. There’s never an original article here. I think I will take my leave now and say goodbye to regurgitated nonsense!!!

  • WinSource

    We do a lot of app reviews, hands-on video, and editorials too. News is just one aspect of the site. If you don’t see original content you aren’t looking hard enough.