Microsoft offering developers $100 per app for Windows Phone and Windows 8


In the last few months we’ve seen development for Windows Phone and Windows 8 app pick up steam. Windows Phone especially has seen an influx of official apps coming to the ecosystem. Still, Microsoft is ready to turn up the heat and get even more apps in the stores with a campaign called “Keep the Cash.”

The campaign is simple: develop an app for Windows Phone or Windows 8 from now until June 30th and you can earn $100 per app. The limit is ten for Windows Phone, and ten more for Windows 8. If our math is correct that means you could end up with a cool $2,000. Read more on the official rules here. This is something a lot of Windows Phone fans have been asking Microsoft to do. The only difference is we were hoping they would throw this money at companies like Instagram or Pandora instead of random people. This campaign will probably result in a lot of quick apps that don’t serve much purpose other than to make some money. I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

If you’re a developer do you plan on taking part in this campaign?

[via The Verge

  • “quality over quality”
    Get yourself together, Joe. ;)

  • Gah, this cold medicine is affecting my spelling.

  • I also agree that this is not the best way to get more apps, unless WP8 users want the same fart-apps both iOS’s and Google’s stores are well known for being bloated with. It might be cool for someone like myself, who’s never gotten into programming and wants to give it a serious, honest try, but for those who can churn out the 20-app limit in a heartbeat and enjoy the free money (plus anything they might earn if they make a paid app)….

    If they forget about the small sums for nobodies, and instead put something a lot more significant down for major developers (but I have no clue how much money that might be), that would give us at least several new, feature-page-worthy, quality apps.

  • I can’t, US only.

  • maybe I risk being lynched but I dont suppose they have a OSX client for this?

  • We’re all friendly here; and sadly, I don’t believe Microsoft has made a Mac client or intends to.