Auto Trader app comes to Windows Phone 8


It’s time for another official app launching for Windows Phone. The popular website for car seekers,, has launched their Windows Phone app today. Just at a glance it looks like a very well designed app. It sticks with the modern UI┬ánavigation, but it still has it’s own unique look. This is what all Windows Phone apps should be. But enough about aesthetics, what about features?

You can log in to your Auto Trader account to sync saved vehicles. You can browse vehicle listings, check out locations with Nokia Maps, view vehicles images, and of course it has live tile┬ácapabilities. You can pin a specific vehicle to view later. Another important feature is the ability to contact sellers right in the app. You can auto dial or send emails. All in all this is one of the nicer apps we’ve seen recently. It’s is very well designed and chock full of features. You can download it below for free only for Windows Phone 8.

download WPThanks Mark!


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