Nvidia CEO expected to sell more Windows RT devices, says Outlook would help

surface work rt

It’s not a secret that Windows RT hasn’t been the smash hit that Microsoft was hoping for. Several companies have already come out and said that Windows RT is a disappointment. Nvidia is the next company to say that Windows RT sales aren’t good, and he has the solution for Microsoft.

“We expected to have sold more than we did, I think everybody expected to have sold more than we did. They have to find a way to get into that ecosystem because it’s so disruptive. I think it’s of some importance to Microsoft to continue to invest in RT. If Outlook were to show up on RT, my life would be complete,” he said. “I am one Outlook away from computing nirvana. Outlook god, please… They own the source code and I know there are smart people up there.”

Making Windows RT a success is as easy as making Outlook accessible. Do you think it’s that easy? We have our doubts, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

[via MS News]

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