Photosynth recieves an update to fix “green camera feed” bug


It took a long time for Photosynth to arrive on Windows Phone 8, but it hasn’t taken nearly as long for it to receive its first update. Earlier this week Photosynth was bumped up to version 1.6, but there was no changelog or visible changes to report. Today the Photosynth twitter account let us in on what this update provided.

A bug that some users experienced was making the camera only show a blank green image. The Photosynth team says that the latest update should fix the problem. We never experienced the issue on our HTC 8X. Has anyone had the problem? Did this update fix it? We’re glad Photosynth is moving a little faster with the updates after the long waiting period for the app to arrive.  Here’s to more in the future.

[via Twitter]

  • Interesting that it green-screens the Lumia 920 but not the 8X. Users had to restart the phone to clear the bug. That’s an issue when you’re out and about because it sucks up a chunk of battery (around 20% maybe).

    And there is a changelog at the bottom of the app description in the Store; mentions this fix along with better “geometry” (dunno what to call it) for photospheres and tweaks for flat panoramas. I have yet to try them out.