The Dark Knight Rises and Shark Dash now available for Windows Phone 8

dark knight

Yesterday we told you about two new Gameloft games headed for Windows Phone this week. Today they have already arrived in the Windows Phone Store to download. Gameloft has been a savior for gamers on Windows Phone 8. They are about the only company pumping out Xbox Live titles.

If you’ve been looking to play a video game version of Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film Gameloft is the only company to make one. The game follows the plot of the movie with all the characters you would expect to see: Bane, Selena Kyle, Gordon, and Alfred. The game plays a lot like previous Gameloft titles. You run around the city breaking up crimes and loosely following a plot. It’s not much, but Batman fans will love it.

shark dash

The next game is Shark Dash. This game will remind you of games like Angry Birds. You shoot a shark at ducks in order to save your shark girlfriend. Of course there are different sharks to choose from with different capabilities. There are 96 levels of shark flinging fun. If you like Angry Birds, but wish it was more aquatic this is the game for you.

The Dark Knight Rises is available for $6.99, and Shark Dash for $0.99. Both games are Xbox Live titles which means they are full of achievements. Head on over to the Windows Phone Store now to give them a play. Enjoy!

The Dark Knight Rises

Shark Dash

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