Weather Channel for Windows 8 gets a major redesign


The Weather Channel app for Windows 8 has been around since November, but it was an uninspired and plain app. TWC has been updating the app with minor changes, but today they have updated the app with a major redesign. Just look at the before and after to see how much the app has changed.

They have replaced the pillars with much more Metro square tiles. There are also teardrop shaped rectangles and smaller squares that give the app a unique look. The background of the app has been replaced with high resolution images. Another new addition is severe weather alerts and more current weather conditions. The app now also integrates with Bing Maps a lot better. Last but not least is videos from TWC cable TV network.

All in all this is an excellent update. There are a few other quality weather apps for Windows 8, and now the Weather Channel is right up there with the best. Grab it from the Windows Store below for free.

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  • Necrobain

    This brings the Windows platform in line with the Android updates that happened about a month ago. It is a VERY good update. With this new look I think that the weather channel has the best weather app on the market and across all platforms. Way to go Weather Channel, and thanks for supporting Win 8/RT.

  • I seriously am starting to not like how programs on my home PC – my home PC – are starting to have ads now. Not that I hate them in a violent manner, but it is starting to get creepy how much the PC landscape is changing. Skype has them, the Money app has them– And there, I just said something else that’s different; I have “apps” on my PC now, not “programs.”

    Something for me to think about, and maybe write about…

  • I’ve had “programs” that had ads inside them. This isn’t an entirely new thing.

  • Of course it isn’t new; I’m saying that it’s getting more widespread, and that quickly turns into “normal.”

  • WP7Mango

    IMHO, it’s down to the fact the users are getting stingy and not wanting to pay for apps. Developers therefore need to monetise in other ways such as advertising.