Cinemagraph and Camera Extras now available for all WP7 Lumias

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Good news for GIF masters and camera buffs. Nokia’s Cinemagraph and Camera Extras are now available on all Windows Phone 7 Lumia devices. Previously they were only available on Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices, but ┬ánow phones like the Lumia 900 can join in on the fun. Nokia promised they would do this, so we are glad to see them keep their word.

Camera Extras comes with Smart Shoot, Panorama, Action Shot, burst mode, and self-timer. Cinemagraph allows users to make animated GIFs easily and quickly. You can see a few of these apps, including Cinemagraph, in action in our Camera Apps video. If you own a Windows Phone 7 Lumia device head on over to the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store to pick up these apps. Nokia’s apps are one reason why people like Lumia phones so much. Don’t miss out.

[via Nokia]

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