Leaked video shows off future Windows Phone speech recongnition

voice commands

Speech is a big part of mobile operating systems these days. The iPhone has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows Phone has the often overlooked TellMe. With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft started tapping into the power of speech with app voice commands. They allow users to control apps from the Start screen, or anywhere else. Bing also has voice search built in, but it’s not nearly up to par with the competition. That could change soon.

A leaked video from Microsoft’s TechFest earlier this month shows off some new features in the Bing search app. They demonstrate speech accuracy and speed compared to a current Windows Phone device. The speed of the results is notably better thanks to an improved back-end. Accuracy is also better in loud situations. The coolest thing they showed off was real time voice recognition. The Bing app displayed spoken text as it happened. This is something Google has had for a while, and it’s really handy.

How often do you use voice search? Would you use it more with these features?

[via Verge]

  • *That’s what’s up, maaaaan.*
    Thoroughly impressive improvements. Nice to see some behind-the-scenes looks at work getting done on the platform.

  • Craig

    Having recently jumped ship from Android to WP8 I do kind of miss the speed and accuracy of the speech recognition. I didn’t use it all the time, but it’s nice for sending a quick text or searching when you can’t easily type. I’m glad to see MS is working to keep improving their offering.

  • The only thing I hate about this is they Microsoft tends to show their stuff in advance and in a way, lets competitors come up with it faster and sometime better.

    When will you learn Microsoft?

  • WinSource

    Good thing everyone else has these features already! *sobs*

  • LOL