Nokia Lumia 920s given away at BUILD finally receive Portico update


Portico has been sent to almost all Windows Phone 8 devices, but one that doesn’t have it yet is the Lumia 920. Not the regular AT&T Lumia 920, the Lumia 920 that Microsoft gave away at BUILD last year. About 2,000 developers across the globe have these Lumia 920’s. Unfortunately these developers haven’t been using the most recent build of Windows Phone. The Portico update adds call reject with SMS, persistent WiFi, and some other minor improvements. The real issue here is why did it take so long?

Google likes to give devices to developers at their conference every year, and those devices are always the first to get updates. They understand that developers need to have the latest version of software in order for the ecosystem to stay fresh. Microsoft charges over $1,600 to go to BUILD, and then they can’t even keep your developer phone up to date. For a company that needs more developer support they don’t act like they want it. If you have a Lumia 920 from BUILD check your settings to see if the update is available.

[via WPC]

  • If it’s a developer phone, surely they wouldn’t mind learning how to tango with NaviFirm and just flash the new updates as they come along on their own. The latest Nokia firmware update for Lumias that I mentioned last week are on the servers as well.