Is your HTC 8X still rebooting after Portico update?


Pre-Portico the HTC 8X had a rebooting problem. This is something that I personally was experiencing  It wasn’t often enough to really be a big deal, but it was an annoyance nonetheless. With the Portico update this was supposedly solved, and for a while it was. Lately I have been experiencing a lot more reboots. So much that I caught one on camera during my Pandora video.

The reboots are happening more and more often, and these are just the times I notice. Has anyone else had these problems after the Portico update? Let us know if you are having reboot problems with your 8X, Lumia 920, or any other phone running Portico. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

  • just

    Sometimes it’s the software’s that’s installed. When I uninstalled this software my system rebooted.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    LOL! That was funny. You should have left it in the review.

  • Tumultus

    My Ativ S reboots too (originally shipped with Portico, so, I guess MS never fixed that bug). :(

  • Marc

    My 8s restart yesterday… After he back from service becose has freezeing. Ironic.

  • MaRkThE40KiLLeR

    My 8X has been rebooting frequently (at least once a day) for a month. This will be my last HTC Windows Phone. But aside from the rebooting, I love it! Nokia 9+++ for TMO = my new phone!

  • Tumultus

    What makes you think Nokias won’t reboot? If even my Ativ S keeps doing it, it suggests that the problem is OS related and therefore will also affect any Nokia WP.

  • CX1

    My friends 920 reboots a lot after portico.

  • just

    I have a Nokia Lumia 810 and I don’t have any rebooting problem, like I mentioned before some apps can cause the problem.

  • Emma

    I finally updated my phone this week, and it’s rebooted about 3 times since then that I’ve noticed. It will also completely freeze sometimes when I’m writing a text. I was happy with my 8x until now – my friends who had Nokias were seeing this issue a lot right out of the box, and I was smug with my choice to get the 8x because it was having none of their problems… now that smugness is coming back to hit me in the face :(

  • Brian

    my htc 8x from verizon constantly restarts during calls, and randomly restarts otherwise…I just got it too…

  • tristan

    My first HTX 8x had rebooting problem: 4 to 7 times a day. Got a replacement (new one) but is doing the same. Google Maps+ was causing the problem, it was freezing constantly. Removed it, but the reboots are stille here….
    Maybe the sim? Other Apps? WP8? HTC?

  • christian

    my windows 8x constantly reboots even after a hard factory reset. Thanks htc.

  • Milan

    No one can beat the reboot frequency of my HTC 8X!! 2 to 3 times in 10 seconds till the battery is gone.