Sprint puts up Windows Phone 8 landing page in preparation for launch

sprint landing

It’s been a while since we mentioned “Sprint” and “Windows Phone” in the same sentence. The last time we heard anything was back in early January when it was announced that they would carry Windows Phone 8 devices by Samsung and HTC in the summer. Well, March is almost over and summer is getting close.

Sprint has created a “Windows 8” landing page for Windows Phone 8. The page doesn’t show much besides that Sprint doesn’t know the difference between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. They list features of “Windows 8” like lockscreen apps, Kid’s Corner, Live Tiles, and SkyDrive. Unless Samsung or HTC launch new Windows Phone 8 devices before summer (doubtful) we will likely see the ATIV S and 8X on Sprint. That wouldn’t be too bad considering the ATIV S is not available from any U.S. carrier.

What do the Sprint customers think about this? Are any of you still out there using the Arrive?


Thanks everyone!

  • gabit2000

    im using the arrive and I absolutely love it! I got it the first day it came out up until now. I am way past my upgrade, but will never go to an android or iPhone. BRING ON THE WINDOWS PHONES!!

  • iphonesucks

    Yup still using my Wp HTC Arrive and it’s still fast and fluid and have never any problems with it. I can wait for Wp8 to come this summer. Microsoft Wp OS is so the best and it totally blows away laggy android and boring Iphones. Just look at the design looks of Wp it so innovative that looking at boring dead icons we see in android and iphone.

  • Just got an iPhone free from work and I miss the arrive. The iPhone has more apps but the basic functioning of the phone and the intuitive interface BLOW AWAY the iPhone. I’m hoping Sprint brings us something worth the wait!!

  • After 12 years, I just left Sprint for the HTC Windows 8X on AT&T – two purchased at Windows Store. Blackberry didn’t feel as good.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well at least Sprint user will get in the game now. It sucked not having good options on Verizon back in the day.

  • mige12

    Interesting – my wife has the Lumia 920 and it has lockscreen apps, Kids Corner and Skydrive. My old Arrive had Live Tiles and SkyDrive, so I am not sure what Sprint got wrong here.

  • BDub

    I would be using the HTC Arrive but I lost mine in November… My contract was already due for an upgrade but I couldn’t stomach getting a phone I didn’t like so I’ve been using a cheap flip phone for 5 months now, waiting for a WP8 phone to reach Sprint. I’m getting excited!