Uber car service launches Windows Phone app


Buckle your seat belts, we’re in for another great week of app launches. To get the ball rolling Uber, a fast growing on-demand car service, has launched their app for Windows Phone. Uber is a service that competes with cabs in many cities. Instead of trying to hail a cab on the street you simply order a car to come pick you up. The app will then tell you when to expect the driver to arrive, and when the ride is over your credit card will be billed theĀ appropriateĀ amount. It’s taxi cabs for the 21st century. The app also does things like show recent rides and nearby places to help you choose a pick-up spot.

uber screens

Initial reviews are mixed. Some saying it works really well, others saying it is just a glorified mobile site. It might take a while for the Windows Phone app to get up to par with Android and iOS, but at least they are offering something. If you use Uber in your area grab the app for free below on all Windows Phone devices.

download WP

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I don’t know why people would complain – what do they expect? It’s an app for calling a car/taxi. If it serves the purpose then the rest should just be extra. It will be perfected in due time.