What app is Joe Belfiore teasing?


If you follow Joe Belfiore on Twitter you are aware of his teasing new app releases. He did it last week when Pandora was announced, and this week he is doing it again. Originally he said the mystery app would be launching today (Monday), but this morning he tweeted that the app has been delayed a few days. We are very curious as to what app this might be, and we’re sure a lot of you are too. So let’s wildly speculate!

Let’s break down the clues.

Belfiore has referred to the mystery app as a “fun-app.” He said “it’s hard to know which publishers will hit which dates” which suggests that Microsoft does not have any control over this app, and any other apps this week. Lastly, he says that this week is not a “US-only kinda week” which means the app will be available in other countries.

What do you think? Have you figured it out? We are leaning towards it being some kind of game. Maybe Temple Run 2, which was promised a long time ago. Let us know below!

  • I know everyone’s sick of hearing about it but I hope it’s Instagram so I can FINALLY ditch the iPhone and go for a Lumia 920!

  • Annanoymus

    fingers crossed it is instagram!

  • Gokul

    temple run 2

  • I really think it’s Instagram… Haters gonna hate… I know some people dun see the point of having it on WP8 but I’m pretty sure they will realize once it comes to the OS….