Windows Blue screenshots leak showing off many changes and improvements

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Windows Blue is the next big release for Windows 8 (and phone). We’ve heard a little bit about it, but nothing too in depth. Over the weekend there was a massive leak revealing a bunch of new features and changes in Windows Blue. leaked screenshots were posted at the polish site Winforum. There is a lot to digest here, so let’s get started.

Snap View


Currently you can use snap view in two sizes: about 1/4, and 3/4 of the screen. In Windows Blue you will be able to use apps in a 50/50 view, similar to how you can snap windows on the desktop. Also you will be able to snap four apps at once. With these new snap views there is multi-monitor support allowing Windows 8 apps on more than one screen at a time (hurray!).



Microsoft has beefed up the settings app to make sure users don’t have to use the control panel as much. There is a special page that shows frequently used settings, and SkyDrive options are now included as well. A new app settings page allows users to change default apps and shows info on app sizes.



A new option in the charms menu is “Play.” it appears that this will work similarly to the current PlayTo option in Windows 8. The Share Charm includes an option to screen your current screen and immediately share it however you would like.

Internet Explorer 11


In IE 11 there appears to be tab syncing. This will allow users to see what tabs are open in IE on other devices. Google has the same feature in Chrome, and it works very nice. This could sync between the desktop and phone. if you actually use IE this would be handy.

Start Screen


On the Start screen we have some new visual changes. There are smaller live tile sizes like you would see in Windows Phone 8. There is also a giant tile size, but only the desktop tile can use it right now. A swipe from the bottom to the top will reveal the full list of installed applications. Also,¬†rearranging¬†tiles is done by selecting the “Customize” button. There is a lot more color customizing you can do on the Start screen as well.

Windows Blue looks to be an excellent update. We’re also hoping this is the sign of some things that will be present in Windows Phone Blue. Windows Blue is expected to enter public preview in the coming months, and be available later this year. Check out the full gallery of screenshots below.

[via The Verge]

  • idlelimey

    Looking great! Really looking forward to this update, although I hope they don’t move an Apple model of charging for what amounts to a service pack. Not so soon after the initial release.

    The next leak needs to be all those improvements and feature additions to the core apps (I’m looking at you Mail and Xbox Music :) )

    Feels like Windows 8 is taking shape!