Feedly plans to release Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps


A couple weeks ago Google shocked the world by announcing they would be killing off Reader. This lead to thousands of users flocking to alternatives. One of the best alternatives is Feedly. In the first 48 hours after Google’s announcement Feedly saw 500,000 new users sign up. Apparently that isn’t enough people for Google, but Feedly will gladly take them. Feedly plans to make the switch from Reader seamless, and even offer an API for other apps to use. This will allow apps like Nextgen Reader to use Feedly after Reader shuts down.

Feedly isn’t stopping there. Feedly told Neowin in an interview that they plan on creating apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT. These apps will go right up against current RSS apps for Windows Phone, which is something Google never did. We’re really glad to see Feedly is open and ready to support all platforms. This will be critically important if they want to take over where Reader leaves off. There are many, many people that use RSS readers. Feedly has a great opportunity here, and we’re glad Windows is coming along for the ride.

  • CokeZero

    Well, NextGen Reader is going to use the Feedly API for their app.

  • Good job reading the article.

  • CokeZero

    Haha, oops. I should better read next time.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I was pretty bummed about leaving Google Reader, but I figured I had to move away. I went and checked out Feedly and was like “damn!”. I am now wondering why I didn’t switch before. It has the same simplicity as Google Reader but the cool features of the other heavy readers. I love it!

  • really sucks apps that can be done with WP7 SDK coming out WP8-only.

  • efan

    bullshit, no native app and they don’t even have a plan till date.

  • They have a plan. Check their blog.