Puzzle Craft update allows low-end Windows Phone devices to get in on the fun

Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft is one of our favorite new Windows Phone games. It combines gameplay like Bug Village with the classic Bejeweled. It’s extremely addictive and fun. Unfortunately if you had a low-end device like the Lumia 620 that only has 512MB of RAM you weren’t able to download the game. In the latest update the developers have made the app playable on those low-end devices, which means more people can play this awesome game.

From our review:

Puzzle Craft is aptly named. You are required to solve puzzles as you craft your village. In order to get food and supplies you need to solve Bejeweled-like puzzles. Once you earn food and supplies you can build more houses and business, and craft tools to help you solve the puzzles easier. It is a really fun game technique. The little puzzles break up the regular gameplay and act like “mini games.” It is a very potent combination that makes the game extremely addictive. I downloaded the game to try it quick, but I ended up losing myself in the game for almost an hour. Be careful.

Grab Puzzle Craft for Windows Phone 8 for free in the Windows Phone Store below.

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