Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 officially arrives

Temple Run

We’ve been waiting all day for it, and now it is finally here: Temple Run for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft promised this game for the holiday season, and although Easter is this weekend we’re pretty sure they meant a different holiday season. Nevertheless, this game may be old news to most people, but now it’s another popular game we can say Windows Phone has.

So now that it’s here does it offer anything that other platforms don’t have? Well…no. It is exactly like the Android and iOS version. You are running from some gorilla creatures down a pathway full of obstacles. There are trees to slide under (it makes sense), arches of fire, holes, and gaps. Coins can be collected along the way to get powerups or to use to buy special powers. There are goals that can be unlocked. Don’t expect any live tile features with this app. In fact, don’t even expect a live tile image. Pinning Temple Run to the Start screen will show a blank white square. It’s an addicting game that has been popular for a while, so popular that there is already a sequel. For now we will have to enjoy the original. It is available below for free.

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  • It’s a great news… Microsoft is really focusing on the problems of Windows 8 Ecosystem i.e Windows Store. I see new apps everyday, and it’s not just any puzzle or info apps, these apps are useful and innovative. With the UI these apps look great and perform well on any Windows Phones. I am proud and glad of my new Lumia 820.

  • gulfu

    good it shows how far behind windows phones are..they have to bring them fast or else it will be like win phone 7

  • Edgar Cervantes

    More and more apps are coming! I think the efforts are much more significant with Windows Phone 8. They are really betting on this one.