Temple Run, Gravity Guy 2, and more games launching today for Windows Phone


We hope you like games, because today we have a whole bunch of new ones. After promising Temple Run would launch in time for the holidays Microsoft has finally brought the popular endless running game to Windows Phone. Joining the launch party is Gravity Guy 2, 6th Planet, Propel Man, Orcs Must Survive, Ruzzle, Fling Theory, and Drift Mania Championships. Gravity Guy 2 is the only Xbox Live-enabled game in the group.

Temple Run is still a great game, but the hype has died down a lot since it launched. The time where a potential Windows Phone user would search for Temple Run in the Store has passed. Just like Words With Friends, Windows Phone is late to the party. There is already a sequel to Temple Run, and Windows Phone is just getting the original. App popularity moves quickly, and Microsoft is not keeping up.

Gravity Guy 2 is a whole different story. Windows Phone is┬áreceiving┬áthis game before anyone else. We’ve been seeing a little bit more of this Windows Phone exclusivity with games like Puzzle Craft and apps like Disqus. It’s a refreshing change from the Temple Run story. Gravity Guy 2 is a great game, and it is Xbox Live-enabled.

All of these games are expected to arrive today in the Windows Phone Store. Follow us on Twitter to be notified when they are available. We will also post Store links in this post as they arrive.

Fling Theory (Free)

Propel Man ($0.99)

Orcs Must Survive ($0.99)

6th Planet ($0.99)

Gravity Guy 2 ($2.99)

[via Verge]

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