Windows Blue new Snap View sizes key for 7-inch tablet plans


We’ve been talking a lot about the new Snap View sizes in Windows Blue lately. A new 50/50 snap position was revealed, as well as four apps being snapped at once. Microsoft will also be dropping the required screen resolution to snap apps to 1024×768. Apps will also be able to Snap inside themselves. For example, in IE you could snap two tabs. This is all good news in itself, but the reasons behind these changes are more significant.

So far Windows 8/RT has only been on devices with 10-inch or larger displays. For some people that is simply too large, especially if you’re not too concerned with using the tablet for productivity. For consuming media the 7-inch tablet has really taken off, and Microsoft has nothing to offer…yet. The Verge reports that the new Snap View sizes and resolution changes is key in their plan to introduce Windows Blue on 7-inch and 8-inch devices. They hope that these changes will convince OEMs to push the OS to lower screen sizes and a wider variety of form factors. We would love to see Windows 8/RT on a 7-inch device. Hopefully OEMs respond like Microsoft hopes.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I prefer the smaller sized devices for portability. I am not sure how great Windows 8/RT would look on one, though. I suppose it would be like the smaller Windows Phone devices – the UI made it better for smaller screens to look good.

  • I would say, drop the desktop altogether and smaller screens will work perfectly.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    You are right, the desktop mode would look horrible on a small screen. Metro UI is where it’s at for the 7-inchers.

  • Not only that, but it would solve the question of “What is the difference between RT and 8?” It would provide a simple answer.