Microsoft is bringing Surface Pro to China on April 2nd


Surface Pro is the Windows 8 device that many people have been waiting for. The only problem is you can only buy it if you live in the US or Canada. That will change in the coming weeks as Microsoft brings Surface Pro to China. On the Chinese social site Weibo Microsoft announced that Surface Pro will be available in China on April 2nd. No pricing details were given.

In the US and Canada pricing starts at $899 for the 64GB model, but there is also a 128GB model, and of course the keyboard covers and stylus. Unlike Surface RT, this model runs a full version of Windows 8. This means you can run full scale desktop class applications such as Photoshop. The only sacrifice you make is battery life, and the tablet is slightly thicker. It’s a great tablet for the person on the go that needs access to real applications and programs. We’re glad to see Microsoft bringing this device to more countries. Hopefully it takes off in China.

[via Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    If we think the pricing is bad here, other countries will flip. Not to mention these gadgets are usually much more expensive in other countries. Unless they price it competitively (which I doubt), I don’t think it will take off.