Ruzzle spells its way into the Windows Phone Store


Yesterday we mentioned that Ruzzle would be coming along with the plethora of other games that launched. It didn’t arrive yesterday, but it is here today. Ruzzle is a popular word game similar to Boggle or Wordament. Games like this seem to be popular in waves, and Ruzzle is the hot ticket right now.

Ruzzle is described as a Boggle and Scrabble mash-up. You and an opponent race against the clock to find as many words as possible. The letters you have to work with are displayed in a four-by-four grid. After three rounds the points are tallied and a winner is chosen. Ruzzle comes with a live tile that displays recent achievements. Over 10 million people in 128 different countries are playing Ruzzle. Will you be one of them? The game goes for $2.99 right now, but a free version is coming later. Download it below, and don’t forget your dictionary!

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