Temple Run gets a much needed quick update, fixes Live Tile issues

temple run bugs

Temple Run was rushed into the Windows Phone Store yesterday, and when we say “rushed” we mean it. There were numerous bugs that made us wonder how the app ever got certified. The Live Tile showed a blank white square instead of the Temple Run logo, and if you use the light theme the app looks really bad while you’re playing. Thankfully they already have an update to fix one of these issues. The Live Tile actually shows the Temple Run icon now, but don’t expect it to do anything else.

The light theme issue is still very present and very annoying. Hopefully they get that fixed just as quickly. We have to wonder who at Microsoft was actually testing this app. If it only took a couple days to fix the Live Tile why not just wait and release it when it’s more polished? Temple Run came out almost 18 months ago, I think we can wait a few more days. If you’re still interested in Temple Run you can grab it below for free.

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