eBay gives the nod to auctionapp for Windows Phone, first eBay certified app


eBay has an official Windows Phone app, but it doesn’t get much love. Luckily eBay runs a program that allows devs to create apps and be “eBay certified.” Essentially they are unofficial apps with eBay’s blessing. This also means they get access to more APIs and tools. auctionapp is the first eBay certified app to arrive on Windows Phone.

The app ditches the traditional panorama layout for Windows Phone apps and uses a predominately square tile look. It behaves like your start screen would. With the app you can bid on items, sell items, log in with multiple accounts, watch items, and access your eBay messages. Since it’s a certified app you know you can trust it with your information. They also mention in the app description to expect frequent updates.¬†auctionapp is free and available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. Happy bidding!


A great alternative to the official eBay app, auctionapp expands on eBay integration with your Windows Phone by offering the following unique features:

  • Multiple user accounts per device
  • Sophisticated listing tools
  • Advanced search options

These features are in addition to ‘My eBay’ style buying, selling and messaging; daily deals; recent feedback; integrated bidding and purchasing; saved searches and push notifications — all accessible from an intuitive user interface based on the Windows Phone design.

Certified by eBay as a compatible application. Expect frequent updates with new features coming soon!

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  • auctionapp

    we are overjoyed with the reactions from the community after releasing auctionapp.

    We are taking on board any suggestions for future updates

    we’ve had a few comments about errors and received some sreenshots of the error message from a helpful user on our forums. The issue seems to be WP8 users only and should be fixed in the update which will be published next week.