Galaxy S4 vs Lumia 920 low-light photos shows Nokia is still king


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest and greatest in mobile technology. We compared the specs with three flagship smartphones, and it’s clear the GS4 is a beast. It comes with a massive 13MP camera, but¬†mega-pixels are not the only thing that matters. How does it perform in real world situations? Low-light happens to be one of the most complained about real world situations, and lucky for us we have the best low-light camera on our team. Over at MyNokiaBlog they put the Galaxy S4 up against the Lumia 920. Results below:

Screen-Shot-2013-03-29-at-12.03.15 Screen-Shot-2013-03-29-at-12.04.11

As you can see the Lumia 920 easily outshines the Galaxy S4. The crazy thing is that no other phone has really even come close to besting the Lumia 920 in low-light situations. Nokia did an excellent job on the PureView camera. Samsung and HTC are really going to need to step up their game if they want to take on Nokia in the camera category. Right now it’s not even close. Most OEMs nowadays can make a good day-light camera with their eyes closed, but low-light is where you can have¬†differentiation. We’re glad the winner is still on our side.