Smartphone Madness: Lumia 920 is playing for a spot in the Final Four [Vote]


We’re big fans of LaptopMag’s annual Smartphone Madness tournament. Last year it was an all Nokia championship game, but this year has proven to be much tougher for Windows Phone. The HTC 8X was knocked out in the first round by the Google Nexus 4, and now only the Lumia 920 remains for the Windows Phone faithful. The 920 easily got by the Lenovo IdeaPhone in the first round, but now it has a much tougher opponent.

For a trip to the Final Four the Lumia 920 must first face-off against the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is Nokia’s big gun vs Samsung’s big gun. Windows Phone flagship vs Android flagship. It doesn’t get any bigger than this. The 920 has a commanding lead right now, but we’re willing to bet the Android fans will start showing up soon in droves. You can vote in the embedded poll below, or vote here. Let’s win this thing!

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